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Professional Services

Data Migration Services

Let our technical professionals assist you in transferring your existing data into our Vertére Inventory Manager application. By using Vertére's  Data Migration Services you will be able to quickly and easliy migrate your existing data into our application; saving you time and money. Upon delivery your software application will be up-to-date and accurate with your original data records, and ready to use throughout your organization. Inquire about our data migration services today for a free estimate; let us show you how we make data migration easy!

Custom Software Development

While most of our customers needs are met with our standard software applications, we understand that some of our customers have unique requirements. Our programing professionals are more than happy to help you plan, develop, and implement a custom solution that will help you achieve your business goals and objectives. 

In the past, we have assisted both prospects and clients with designing indivualized software development and programing. During the development process, we stand beside our customers through every phase in order to identify workflow pitfalls, troubleshoot identified problems, and promote solution planning.  Our goal is to provide a top-notch individualized solution that will maximizes your best practices workflow processes, while minimizing business and project related risks.

Managed Hosted Services

By using Vertére's cloud based hosted solution, the Vertére Inventory Manager Live Hosted Solution (LHS),  your organization can significantly reduce the need for internal IT application support. In most instances, this lowers operational costs which in turn produces more revenue for other projects and increases overall organizational productivity. Our hosted service also provides a complete managed solution which can be used across an organization, or even in the field. With Vertere's LHS your users can work as one cohesive unit from anywhere at anytime right from their browser.

Benefits to Software-as-a-Service: 

  • Reduced IT support costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Time savings 
  • Streamlined processes
  • Real-time updates
  • Access to the latest enhancements
  • Improved user experience

Custom Query and Reporting

Create the reports and queries you need for internal use or compliance quick and easy. Vertére offers a comprehensive query tool built into the system allowing the user to create custom queries when needed. Many ad hoc reports can be generated with this built-in search and query tool. The output can be sorted on any of the fields in the results and the data can then be exported to excel to be shared with others.

If the report you are looking for does not exist in the system, Vertére's team of professionals can create it for you.

Training and Support Services

Get the answers you need, the moment you need them. Vertére's Support Services provide software support online or by phone or email. 

Vertére maintains a Customer Support Forum which is available to end users who subscribe to Vertére's Maintenance Support Program. Obtain information about products, sample solutions and workarounds to common problems. Also available are program, sample report, and tool downloads along with documentation.

On-Line Training and On-Site training are options available to customers. Whether you need to learn the system from start-up or just need a refresher Vertére is available to help. From a single user to a group of 25 Vertére can accommodate any request. 25 years of inventory experience is available to help you get your system running and keep it in use for years to come.

With a variety of support options available, our team ensures that your system is running at optimal performance and your staff gets answers and assistance they need!

Maintenance Contracts and Services

The Annual Software Maintenance Contract is a service available to all customers. This annual service offers the customer unlimited telephone, web, e-mail, or fax assistance; access to our customer support forum for on-line collaboration with other users, documentation, and sample reports; upgrades to your software applications; special discount offers; and new this fall, monthly on-line seminars to keep you up to date on software enhancements, regulatory issues, and user tips and techniques.