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Regulatory Reporting

Global governments, through their regulatory agencies, establish jurisdictional lists of ‘chemicals of concern’ as a baseline for understanding and controlling the hazards presented by chemical inventories in a facility or across an enterprise. If your laboratory contains chemicals on these regulatory lists you may be required to submit reports such as DHS, SARA Tier II, HAPS, CAA or other OSHA, EPA or WHMIS reports.

The first step in understanding your responsibility is to run your inventory against these lists and produce reports showing which chemicals you have on which lists and at what thresholds you may store these chemicals.

Vertére's list based reporting tool integrates with your inventory to flag your stored chemicals (whether pure or part of a mixture) on lists already stored and to show your amounts currently onsite, used or acquired within a time period. Vertére may also show you the particular hazard presented by your inventory chemicals as represented by GHS, NFPA, HMIS or DOT classifications inherent in the Chemical Information Gateway.

Utilizing these tools, Vertére clients, working with our support personnel were able to produce their Top Screens and CFATS within a week of Homeland security introduction of DHS Appendix A list of chemicals.