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Supply Control

The Stores and Supply Module manages your ordering, receiving, and distribution of tasks within a single department or across the organization.With the requisition piece, a simple stores inventory is opened, allowing you to keep a basic count of items within the store. With implementation of the Supply Module, every aspect of stockroom operation is automated— ordering, receiving, withdrawal, billing, reporting, usage analysis, and inventory processing — on a real-time basis. It is based on best* practices for stockroom management, record keeping, and accountability. This module maintains a perpetual count of the quantities you have on hand. The program automatically generates draft order documents when quantities reach the re-order points you designate.

The Supply Module offers withdrawal options for both open and closed stockrooms — slip withdrawal, pick lists, and partial orders — and includes step-by-step physical inventory procedures. You can easily identify problem areas and assign responsibility for corrective action. Supply Module audit and reporting features enable you to maintain control and improve accountability.

Supply Control

Applications for use:

  • Chemicals
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Consumable goods
  • Office products
  • Maintenance products