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Chemical Inventory Management

Vertére's Chemical Inventory ChIM® Module is the proven solution for managing and maintaining laboratory chemical records from 'receipt to disposal'. This bar-code enabled, container tracking system allows anyone concerned with lab safety and compliance to track and report on chemicals, gas cylinders, select agents, biologicals, isotopes, and maintenance chemicals throughout the laboratory or across the enterprise.

Vertére's Chemical Inventory Module is at the core of laboratory safety, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation.

Vertére's module also includes physical data, safety and regulatory information, and a full complement of functions that each group can enable to meet their inventory, regulatory, and safety requirements. It is uniquely suited for tracking stock chemical, samples, select agents, radioactive materials, and gasses.

Chemical Inventory
  • Automate regulatory compliance by assisting in federal, state, and local reporting such as Tier II and DHS.
  • Reduce purchasing and disposal costs through real time inventory reporting and low level notifications.
  • Reduce risk by on-demand reporting of container inventories, amounts, PI responsibilities, and chemical hazards.  Establish container expiration notifications.
  • Establish inventory security at multiple levels through access controls and viewing restrictions.
  • Perform quick and accurate physical inventories and produce chemical anomaly reports for reconciliation.
  • Maintain a complete and automated audit trail of container movement history from receipt to disposal.
  • Now includes GHS data and SDS links.

Chemical Information Gateway

Vertére Inventory Manager's Chemical Inventory Module includes access to the Chemical Information Gateway with many pre-populated fields for:

  • Physical and Chemical properties
  • NFPA Diamond and HMIS data
  • Target organs and other health hazards
  • Risk and safety information for European compliance
  • GHS fields including classifications, pictograms, H&P phrases, and signal words
  • US regulatory data and values for state and local requirements
  • Over 100,000 synonyms
  • Links to other (M)SDS resources
  • Internal (M)SDS database for customer-provided data sheets
  • Links to ChemWatch for Material Safety Data Sheets, emergency response and other critical chemical data

Configure the system for your unique uses

The Vertére Inventory Manager allows you to define the level of detail for your records and the options that you enable. Based on your site objectives, you may choose to use any or all of the following:

Chemical Inventory Module
  • Shelf-life monitoring and expiration notifications
  • Links to accounting systems with project costs
  • Tare weight calculations
  • Cost tracking per unit throughout the life cycle
  • Monthly accounting reports
  • Container-level usage monitoring and low level notifications
  • Refillable container tracking
  • BOCA control zone limits
  • Linking (to split containers)

Ease of Use

The Vertére Inventory Manager uses a standard Windows interface that is familiar and easy to navigate. On-line help, browse features, carryover functions (templates), and numerous support tools speed new record entry. Consider these strengths for ease of use:

  • Chemical Identification
    The Module is delivered with a master catalog that contains the Sigma-Aldrich, Mallinckrodt-Baker, Lancaster, and other chemical suppliers with product number and container size. This catalog lets you prepare a new inventory record by entering the product number shown on the chemical container. You do not need to enter the product name or container size. For minimum inventory records, you add the location and responsible person or group, and save your inventory record. Other vendor product lists are provided as available.
  • ChemWatch Link
    We are partnering to serve you better! Link your new Vertére Chemical Module to ChemWatch, the world's largest database of independently researched SDSs and chemical safety information. The database consists of over 260,000 products and includes more than 60,000 pure substances.
  • Security
    The security options of the Inventory Manager allow tight control of inventory items. You define who has access to chemical records. For example, you can limit access to specific users (only users in Chemistry may see Chemistry's records), or limit access to designated chemicals (only named individuals may see select agents, for example). The IM tracks radioactive materials, supports batch processing, tracks refills, monitors consumption, and stores billing information.
  • Auto tag generation
    The Inventory Manager will display a unique ID number for a container when you add a new inventory item. You can reserve a range of numbers, turn the auto tag feature on or off, or simply scan in the label number if you are using pre-printed barcodes. You are in control; neither you nor your users need to be concerned about the tag numbers.
  • User-defined required fields
    The Inventory Manager helps you maintain a basic inventory record by requiring the chemical identification, the amount in the container, and the location of the container. Some users, however, need more information to meet FDA, DEA, OSHA, EPA or other regulatory guidelines. You define the requirements such as shelf life, lot number or cost; Vertére Chemical Inventory Module ensures that they are met.