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Inventory Solutions

Unite Your Business With Vertére's Inventory Manager

Finally, a complete inventory solution!


The modular design of the Vertére Inventory Manager enables site-specific setup according to the objectives and resources of each business entity. With this range of tools, Vertére helps users distribute information and share the responsibilities of inventory management. Our web based interface enables use of the system through a web browser to distribute tasks company-wide and make data available to authorized users.

Using either your own secure IIS web server or our Live-Hosted-Solution (LHS), you can give site-wide access to your inventory control data, enable one or more forms for data entry, and minimize IT support requirements. The user community can use their preferred browser to do queries of on-site items, add new items to selected modules, request dispositions, prepare requisitions, or document transfers.

Each module in VIM comes standard with the following abilities, which are necessary in a fully functional inventory management system:

  • Control: what, where, and how much or how many of a particular asset or chemical are in your possession.
  • Access: making inventory information available throughout your organization
  • Accountability: how an item was acquired, who is responsible for it.
  • Security: who has access to inventory information.
  • History: an audit log provides detailed records on all transactions
  • Reconciliation: data collection programs, reconciliation and updating tools.
  • Reporting: basic inventory records with a full ad hoc site-specific report writer

ChIM® Module

Vertére's ChIM® Module is the perfect solution for maintaining 'cradle-to-grave' records of laboratory chemicals. This bar-coded enabled container tracking system allows lab managers, health and safety team members, compliance managers or other individuals track reagents, biological and select agents, DEA controlled items, isotopes, maintenance chemicals, or other materials. Vertére's module also includes physical data, safety and regulatory information, and a full complement of functions that each group can enable to meet their inventory, regulatory and safety requirements.Chemical Inventory Module

Uniquely suited for tracking:

  • Stock chemicals
  • Samples
  • Select agents
  • Radioactive materials
  • Gasses
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Biological Module

Vertére's Biological Module enables biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and other biological researchers to easily track a samples site-specific location and sample information. Our Biological Module combines traditional inventory management with biological-oriented features that provide an ease of use for biological inventory counts, freezer management, sample location and sample lineage. Similar in design to the ChIM® Module, the Biological Module replaces chemical data elements with values specific to biological items.Biological Module

Uniquely suited for tracking:

  • Select agents
  • Samples
  • Viruses
  • Human and animal cells
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General Module

Vertére's General Module was designed with flexiblity in mind. With Vertére's General Module one group may maintain emergency response kits, or safety and laboratory equipment. While other groups of users may maintain an inventory of backup tapes, computer equipment, vehicles, maintenance equipment, or office furnishings within the same module. Vertere's General Module is fully capiable of tracking equipment inventories, maintaining history of transfers, receipts and deliveries, disposals.General Module

Uniquely suited for tracking:

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Lab animals
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Supply Module

To improve distribution of Vertére's accountability for lab or office supplies, organizations can use the Supply Module to place and receive orders, disburse inventory, complete cycle counts and audits, and bill end users—keeping it simple or managing complex supply tasks. This product is uniquely suited for helping organizations manage ordering, receiving, and distribution tasks within a single department or organizational-wide!

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