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Barcode Inventory Solution

Why Use Barcodes For Inventory?
Inventory Barcoding and Scanning

When you implement an inventory system, you are strongly encourages to use barcode technology to its fullest. Using barcodes will speed your inventory tasks and increase the accuracy of recorded data. You can use a scanner at your PC, or choose a portable data collector for field work.

At a minimum, use barcodes to identify each individual inventory item. You can select pre-printed barcodes or print them as you need them. If you choose non- barcode numbered labels, you will need to write down the tag numbers or key the numbers into your portable data collectors increasing the likelihood of data entry error. To simplify your labeling tasks, our systems integrate barcode printing functions for on-demand printing. We provide a variety of label formats to get you started.

For greater control, the Vertére Inventory Manager supports user-defined label design and printing to most standard barcode printers.

Vertére offers barcode label stock to meet every requirement: freezer, shelf, dishwasher, solvents, etc. Choose the size you need, from 0.25" x 0.75" for small containers to 2.00" x 1.25"" for more detailed labels. We provide stock chosen for the equipment and chemical environment to ensure consistent performance in temperature ranges from –40 to 250° F, in varying moisture conditions, and in solvent-intensive work.

In addition to using barcodes to identify inventory items, you can use them to identify locations across your facility. Location barcodes let you complete physical inventory tasks quickly by using a scanner to read the location tag and the inventory tags. The process is simply scan your location, then scan all items within the location; advance to the next location and repeat the process.

You can also print barcodes in a catalog or list format for frequently entered codes, again reducing key strokes and errors.

What Can Be Barcoded?

Barcode label stock is available to meet every requirement:

  • Freezer
  • Shelf
  • Dishwasher
  • Solvents
  • Many more!


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Label any container in your inventory by choosing from a variety of common label sizes.  We offer stock as small as .25" x .75" to labels as large as 4" x 10".

Vertere Chemical barcode label examples