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Enterprise Solution


Expand User Access With Enterprise

VIM Enterprise is a web-based, multi-module inventory management system, complete with barcode printing capabilities. Our centralized application expands user access and management throughout an organization. 

VIM Enterprise enables scientists, stockroom managers, environmental health and safety professionals and business professionals to easily control and monitor inventory levels directly through their browser! All software is installed at the server level, behind your firewalls and is subject to your local security settings. By adopting our centralized solution, you will not require IT support to upgrade your individual workstations. This will expedite upgrades, reduce the time and effort required from your IT team, and minimize your involvement in upgrades. You can also expand Enterprise access to other organizational sites or business units. This is an attractive alternative to businesses that have multiple locations or campuses. For example, more than one college can share a single installation while still maintaining their own security.

VIM Enterprise is licensed by the number of sites, specific modules, and number of concurrent users. Your organization can customize the license to your specific size and user needs.

VIM Live Hosted Solution

VIM Live Hosted Solution

Welcome to the Cloud

Vertére provides its SaaS Enterprise solution for inventory management. Our secure Live Hosted Solution (LHS) allows you to significantly reduce the upfront costs associated with managing your onsite application. Our hosted solution reduces burden of hardware, software and infrastructure maintenance, and allows your employees to focus on the core mission of your business. Ultimately, saving your organization time and money! Since application hosted in the cloud, your users will be able to access the information they need anytime or anywhere, all they need is an Internet connection!