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Our mission is making our customers more productive and profitable. Below, some of our customers share how Vertére's technology has helped them optimize their workforce, reduce their costs and maintain compliance.

What are People Saying?

HECHMET is a consortium of currently 7 Canadian Universities (and growing) using the Vertere inventory software. As the host institution, the University of Ottawa is extremely pleased with the power, speed, flexibility, simplicity and durability of the software. It has enhanced our ability to effectively maintain our chemical inventory, sustain our regulatory compliance, as well as provide increased support to our emergency response services. Having several other Canadian Universities waiting to join HECHMET is a testimonial to the value-added benefits that the Vertere software provides its users.
- Michael Histed, University of Ottawa HECHMET
As a lab manager/safety professional for the chemistry department at Central Washington University, a small regional college of about 9500 students. A number of years ago we were in your situation. After looking at a number of different programs, we chose Vertére's Chemical Inventory Management System (ChIM) for the Chemistry, Biology and Science Ed. departments. ChIM is a relational database integrated with bar-code technology that allows tracking of individual chemical containers. The software system comes "pre-loaded" with information from a number of vendors, including Sigma/Aldrich, JT Baker, Fisher, Alfa Aesar and others. This “pre-loaded” feature greatly reduces the initial data entry when the system is being set up. The location database is set up hierarchically such that the each container is assigned to a room, building, and site and optionally can have a number of lower level locations i.e., cabinet, shelf etc. The owner data table is set up to track the chemical not only to an individual but also to a grant or project. We know the system quite well - having bar-coded and entered data for more than 11000 chemicals. We have used the system for 8 years and have now been through 3 reinventory processes where we verify our inventory. Using handheld scanners much like those used in grocery stores, we were able to complete reinventory amazingly fast. I also have used the reporting feature of the program extensively and love the ability to quickly create custom reports. We use the system to track our peroxidizable compounds, identify peroxidizable mixtures and recently to help find the COIs for the Homeland Security Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Report. We are very pleased with our choice - as I said, we looked at a number of software programs prior to choosing the Vertére system. I would highly recommend this inventory program - and Vertére. For we have found that not only is the software important, equally important is good technical support. The Vertére group has been a pleasure to work with - they were very patient when we were new to the system, always respond to questions in a timely manner, and listen to their customers by issuing updates as new needs arise and improvements are made.
- Cynthia Kuhlken, Central Washington University
Haverford College has used Vertére since 2006 and we have been very happy with the system. The software is simple to use and the web module makes it easy for professors and students to view our inventory. It has promoted sharing of chemicals between labs and reduced overstocks and duplications. We have also been very pleased with the support we receive when we do occasionally have errors or issues. We always get prompt service and follow up.
- Joanne Brown, Haverford College
About 15 years ago I was searching for an inventory system that I could use for our University. The first one I chose turned out to be a total disaster. I was then introduced to Vertére and it turned out to be a huge success for me. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly user friendly it was. Entering and barcoding the chemicals as they are received is fast, efficient and easy. Taking a physical inventory with the scanner is rapid and extremely accurate. It takes me 20-25 minutes to scan my entire stockroom, download it and see what is missing. I like to brag that the first time I did a physical inventory, I was missing one chemical! My last comment on Vertére is how extremely accommodating the Company is. Whenever I am unsure of how to proceed with a problem, I just call them up and they work with me for however long it takes to achieve success. There is so much more I could say about the system but I think you get the picture - IT'S A GREAT SYSTEM!
- Barbara Neff, Saint Joseph's University
My name is Denis Setwyn, and I work as the Chemistry Stockroom Manager at UWEC. I have used the Vertére Inventory Program for over 12 years, and it was used by my predecessor. I find it the program to be user friendly, accurate, and simple to use. It is regularly updated and the people at Vertére are always glad to help with questions I have. I am so comfortable with the program that even if there was a university system choice that was commercial or home-grown; I would continue to use the Vertére Inventory Manager program.
- Denis Setwyn, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

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