April 16, 2014  
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Inventory Management Software

Asset Management and Inventory Control

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Software Applications and Hardware Solutions from Vertere

Vertére's inventory control programs will streamline your inventory process, enhance your risk management programs, and provide tools for decision making.

Vertere Inventory Manager: Flexible, Modular, and Scalable

Vertére's Inventory Manager (IM) is a multi-module enterprise application for scientific materials management.

  • ChIM Chemical Inventory Module
  • Fixed Asset Inventory Module
  • Stockroom Module
  • General Inventory Module
  • Web Interface

This new modular application is the culmination of over a decade of development, combining the best features of Vertére's chemical, asset, and supply management systems. Vertére has worked closely with our customers to respond to new regulatory and fiscal challenges, developing tools that reduce costs and improve control.

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