April 16, 2014  
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Inventory Management Software

Asset Management and Inventory Control

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General Inventory Control Module

General Module

The General Module allows item-specific control of almost anything within your organization


  • Laboratory equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Documents
  • Other equipment

The General Module forms the core of the Vertére Inventory Manager where common data such as users and user groups, locations, barcode formats, and security requirements are set up.

This module offers an adaptable program for lab equipment, documents, backup tapes, animals, vehicles, computers - anything you use and must track but that doesn't justify a program 'just' for them.

This module will expand your use of your inventory data: it can be used to record transfers, receipts and deliveries, or just to maintain thorough equipment records. When having a picture can be worth a thousand words, link your inventory items to image files. Store detailed notes with the catalog items, with the inventory items, or with the vendor records.

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